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190 | 365

I am taking it back to July for this goody. Spaghetti in all it’s delicious and messy fun.

I have some rather flip-floppy kids when it comes to what foods they like. Sarah looooves broccoli, but doesn’t like pizza. Or at least homemade pizza, which is what we do most the time. I have no idea where she got her taste buds, because while I do enjoy some broccoli, not liking pizza?! Craziness. Then again, good for her. Haha. It’s like when you have a friend that doesn’t like chocolate. I can’t quite understand the concept of my mouth not wanting chocolate, but if my flavor-buds were on board that would be a helpful preference. Sadly my brain is all about some brownies. Just brownies. I dream about them sometimes. Actually, I think we may have some this week. Boxed brownies, if you’re curious. I’ve tried from scratch and they weren’t worth the effort. Either hard or dry or watery. I’ve tried too many to count. The recipe makers from those box-filling factories know what they’re doing!

Okay. I need to go drink some tea now and stop thinking about what night this week we are having dessert.


One Thought on “190 | 365

  1. Don’t talk to me about picky eaters!!! DONT!!! Things Graycie DOES eat:
    PBJ’s (when she’s in the mood)
    Fruit (banana’s, applies, preferablly both preferably with peanut butter, and grapes
    Peanut butter toast (see a theme here?)
    String cheese and crappy processed sliced cheese (or as she calls it, grandma cheese)
    Carrots (our saving grace!)
    Any terrible snack food (Goldfish, Cheeze Its, Fruit snacks, Granola Bars)
    Candy, Sweets, Cookies, etc…
    SOME mornings she’ll eat eggs, through those are very rare mornings
    SOMETIMES, she’ll do chicken nuggets, but only 1 very specific brand and style
    — and that pretty much sums it up —

    Foods that she wont eat are too plentiful to name, but the ones that SHOCK me:
    Chocolate milk (what kid doesnt like chocolate milk)
    Pizza (like Sarah, what human being doesnt like pizza)
    Grilled Cheese sandwich, or just a PLAIN cheese sandwich (even after having her confirm right in front of her face that she loves the bread and the grandma cheese, put them together and you get a big “BLEEAAHH’)
    Most chicken nuggets (when you actually find healthy ones)
    Any deli meat as a sandwich, OR by itself
    Any cheese that isn’t string cheese or processed Kraft sliced cheese
    Any kind of grilled or sauteed meat….

    This kid drives me BONKERS, and she better grow out of this nonsense, and soon!

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