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Well, we got ourselves a new bed! Seems like a basic no-biggie kind of thing, but for my penny pinching brain it was a big deal. Our bodies more so made the decision for us. Something clicks once you turn 30, and our bodies were telling us no bueno on our trusty ol’ mattress. After both of us having a morning routine that involved extra strength tylenol for our backs, we bit the bullet and got ourselves a fresh from the factory bed. We also upgraded while we were at it – we went from a queen to a king and oh my word! You guys – I have never slept so great. I can’t even count how many times our kids, BOTH OF THEM, have come in our room mid-night and got into our bed without waking me. That was unheard of before. That in itself made it worth every penny (and let’s be real, mattresses aren’t cheap, so it was quite a few pennies).

The girls had a blast watching us take down our old bed, relocate it to the guest room and then put the new one together. Bed-In-A-Box, I couldn’t recommend them more. Thank you again, Miriah and Nicole, for telling us over and over (and over) how awesome they are, you were so right!


FULLSIZE Project 365 - 218-2 FULLSIZE Project 365 - 218-5FULLSIZE Project 365 - 218-4
FULLSIZE Project 365 - 218-3
FULLSIZE Project 365 - 218-6 FULLSIZE Project 365 - 218-7FULLSIZE Project 365 - 218

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  1. They look quite pleased with YOUR new bed :)

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