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After visiting my sisters house we have discovered the amazing beauty of Pandora. More specifically, the disney station on their site. We have been playing it like crazy and the girls just love having the music throughout the house.

More often than not when the music starts the dress-up clothes and capes come out. I love these silly girls. I really love how you can see Elanor using their classic “Frozen” pose with ‘freezing’ whatever it is that she’s aiming at. And Sarah’s twirl above that is just the picturesque of a 4 year old little girl.

2 Thoughts on “181 | 365

  1. Oh the dance parties are always classic… Gotta love a little girl dancing her heart out…

    Did you get mom and dad’s “guy blessing his bread’ picture?! For some reason that picture is like a fond childhood memory… That and the GIANT raccoon (the picture of the raccoon with the stick, that for some reason, still to this day, looks like a behemoth raccoon next to a tree to me)

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