149 | 365


149 | 365

It’s swimsuit season. In our house that means we wear them at the pool, the beach and sometimes just while hanging around the house.

Sarah found this hat in a box and loves it. It has a propeller on top, which means it’s the absolute best thing in the world to wear in the car with the windows down!

Elanors face in this is a pretty classic Elanor face. She was upset about a lizard escaping into a tree. I’ve noticed fewer frogs and lizards ¬†around here lately, I think they’re learning our house and yard isn’t the safest place – especially with how good Sarah is at catching them!

Aaaaand because swimsuits, chalk and playing outside were part of this day, I eventually persuaded them to move things inside by bribing them with bath paint. It sounded like a good idea, and then I came back and found their artistic scene, which may or may not look like a scene from psycho, minus the adorable little girls…


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  1. I approve of this post.

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