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I’ve mentioned before that we have discovered the beautiful ways of morning cereal for the kids. It’s easy, quick, and when Sarah finishes hers Elanor is always willing to share her bowl. I’m sure that last part won’t last too much longer, but with how much Elanor loves Sarah it’s possible she will always let her. Time will tell :)

At one point in the afternoon I was going outside to put some tools away and when I stepped into the garage there was a big box turtle hanging out. It actually scared the who out of me. He continued to just slowly walk in my direction, probably because turning would take some time, and hide next to that bag. He stayed there until we went inside. I came back later to check and he was hiding/stuck(?!) under our jogging stroller. My parents came by that evening and my dad took him across the street to an empty house. My guess is he lived in all the over brush I cleared out the day before and was trying to find some shade or a new home. The girls had a fun time watching him from afar. I didn’t know what kind of turtle it was so we kept our distance.


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  1. Matt on July 10, 2015 at 6:22 am said:

    Cereal has crept into being a staple of dinnertime for Graycie these days.

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