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Sarah was never much of an attached baby, or toddler. She is actually huge into cuddling with us now that she’s older and it’s her decision. Silly girl. Elanor, however, she has been an attached little one. She slept and napped on me as a newborn and baby. Would be okay if held or on the floor watching her sister play. I love that she still loves to be in the carrier. Some days she wants Up Up Up and my hands are not readily available, so I can grab my Ergo and she is good to go. At home, while blueberry picking, shopping at the store, all sorts of places. I never really understood how people wore their babies and children all the time, until I had a little one that preferred AND enjoyed it! I’ll miss these moments, which is why I don’t even care that I took a photo in my bathroom mirror. Smudges and all.

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