Pancake Mix

I was sitting at my desk yesterday helping my sis with some photos when something unexpected happened.

I looked over at the kitchen because I heard a banging noise. I didn’t see anyone but my eyes looked down and I saw some white powder and random crackers from underneath the pantry door. Time slowed. My eyes grew 5x larger and I slowly walked towards the pantry door. I opened it and saw the horror inside. I called Stephen over to the area and Sarah ran over with him. We opened the door to a site that was funny to Stephen, HILARIOUS to Sarah and sigh-inducing to myself.

She was so proud. Of course it also happened about 20 minutes before we needed to leave for churh, so in the tub for a quick bath and we were good to go. 

After a lot of sweeping, wiping and moping my pantry is now the cleanest it’s ever been. So in that respect, thank you Elanor?!?

One Thought on “Pancake Mix

  1. Matt on June 9, 2015 at 9:17 pm said:

    Wow… I see this post and I think it a very real reminder of how much I need to strive and try harder to be a better parent. I applaud Stephens laughter SO much in this picture, because I’ll be brutally honest… I see this picture, and I think to myself, how would I have reacted… And I don’t see myself reacting in laughter… I see myself getting so quickly swept up in frustration, scolding Graycie, putting her down for not being careful enough, and griping about it later on…

    THIS, however, is a picture of how it SHOULD be handled. Stephen is smiling, you’re ‘sighing’, Sarah is cracking up, and rather than getting onto Elanor and berating her, it was handled with love, and what was the result? A collection of gorgeous and hilarious pictures of Elanor that are captured to look back and smile on for a lifetime.

    This is a reality check for me. I need to chill out. I need to take a step back sometimes and stop jumping to anger, frustration, or just losing my temper outright… You guys might not think of me as a ‘losing his temper’ kind of person, and hopefully you think that and are correct, but I see this post and realize – with blunt honesty – that I don’t think I would have handled this as well as you guys clearly did. It SHOULD be handled as comical. So there’s a bit of a mess to clean up, what does that matter in the grand scheme of things?? Hurt the kids feelings by jumping at them, or let it roll off and make a comical memory of it… There are likely far too many similar scenarios where I chose the wrong path and I need to correct that in myself. It should always be handled in a way that results in a smile.


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