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Stephen was made to be a father. While so many things seem hard and unnatural in this world being a caretaker to children comes so naturally to him. I still remember right after having Sarah it was like a switch flipped in him. It took me months to feel natural with the parent-thing. While having Addison over one night she got sick. The poor girl was vomiting off and on for a few hours. Every time our girls get sick Stephen is endlessly compassionate and sympathetic. He is so patient with them. I was able to be on cleanup crew and tend to our girls and make my sister some dinner so she didn’t have to do anything but love and hold her little girl. There is something different about sick cuddles, and Addison is not one to sit still and hug on you, there is too much playing to do, so when she does it’s a moment to treasure.

I love this man and I love that this photo captures just one reason why.

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  1. Momma Sandy on June 15, 2015 at 3:44 pm said:

    This picture emulates all that you said about Stephen…..AND. ..you are a wonderful Mommy.:-)

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