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While I thought I would be posting a photo of Sarah today this one stood out to me. Elanor’s big sister turned 4 today. This girl could not love anyone more than how she loves Sarah. It is a love of admiration, respect, fascination and absolute selflessness. The girls definitely have their moments where they fight over toys or argue over nothing, but I have never witnessed someone give up their own desires or wants like when I watch Elanor with Sarah. She wants to make her happy and see her laugh. Sarah will never fully understand or see the ways Elanor loves her unless she one day has 2 daughters of her own. Having two girls is more than I ever thought I could want. Thank goodness the Lord ignored my idea of order for children and gave us these girls the way He did.

Watching children love one another, like I did today, is a beautiful gift to witness. Thank you Lord for allowing me this peek into your love for us.

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  1. Mrs. Debra on March 10, 2015 at 9:30 pm said:

    Enjoyed hanging out with you and your sweet girls today. They are precious and have so much love for one another. They are blessed to have a mother like you!!

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