4 Years and a Girly Celebration

Today we celebrated Sarah’s 4th Birthday. To commemorate the event we had a small get together at our house with a few of her sweet friends. We had 4 of her closest little girl friends over for a craft and playtime. What was going to be an outside painting activity turned into homemade cloud dough inside because the weather flip flopped on us and turned really cold yesterday.

It was sweet and simple. We had goldfish, apple slices and oranges and one of her friends brought some cupcakes and a birthday banner that they made for her. We did snacks, craft and had a short stint outside while we pushed them on the swings. The girls did so wonderfully together. The idea was pretty last minute and I was thrilled to hear both families were available when I asked them earlier this week. 6 little girls, 3 moms and an almost 3-month old boy who smiled and napped almost the entire visit :)   It was such a nice way to celebrate our little girl turning one year older.

Here are some photos I took during the morning. I even got a group shot at the end which I’m so glad for because it is real and a beautiful memory for me as Sarah’s mom. Trying to get 6 toddlers and a baby to cooperate for a photo is always an ambitious goal and I love how it shows how crazy that can be :)


sarahs4 (3 of 1)

sarahs4 (6 of 1)

sarahs4 (9 of 1)sarahs4 (4 of 1)

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sarahs4 (5 of 1)

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365Project (65 of 1)-3

365Project (65 of 1)-4sarahs4 (14 of 5)

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  1. Elanor has the funniest ‘intentional’ smiles :)

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