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Project365 (64 of 1)

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Project365-sarah 3 (64 of 1)

It was too hard to choose 1 out of these 3.

Today is the last day Sarah is 3. Tomorrow she will be 4. While I am excited for her to celebrate another birthday I go back and forth with accepting the fact that she will be a girl. Gone are the days of Sarah the toddler. I get to always hold those memories and that time in my mind, I know that these times are for me to remember, while she is constantly looking forward to what’s ahead. When I told her she isn’t allowed to be 4, she has to stay 3, she responded with “No Mommy, I have to grow up so I can go to school.” I told her Elanor and I would miss her too much and she could just stay home with us and she told me “Oh mommy, you’re so silly.”
I have never loved a time of age more than having both a toddler and a little girl. Sitting around the house today has been for me. A slow day because I want to remember this time. The photo of her above, and the other ones, are because she came into the room and grabbed my camera and said “Can you take a picture of me, momma. Of me making a funny face!?”

So here it is, the silly face photo of my first born, the very last day that she was 3.

Project365 (64 of 1)-3



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  1. Can I steal BOTH of your girls for like, ohhhh, i dunno… a month?

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