Day 48 | 365 Project

Project365 (48 of 1)

Stephen has been out of town during the past 2 work weeks, traveling to Pittsburgh and Orlando for business. This Tuesday morning he and the girls cuddled on the couch and watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I set them up with bowls of popcorn, fresh drinks and a fruit snack (in case they got antsy). During which time I washed my hair for the first time since last Friday. It’s all the reality of real life and our stories here. I could hashtag this #lifeofabirthphotographer but I only had 2 births in the past 5 days, so “technically” there was time. Of course that’s if you consider showers more important than sleep, and in a house with a hubby gone and kids that have decided my bed is their bed, sleep wins.

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