7 Years

A few weekends ago Stephen and I went to Destin for a short getaway. Our anniversary was on the 19th, but I would be on-call for 2 births so we celebrated a week early.

The weather turned freezing, just like the weekend we got married. After dropping the girls off at my sisters, we drove down and checked into our room. Getting there was such a relaxing and fun drive. We were able to [uninterruptedly] listen to “Ask me Another” during the short trip. Driving  without kids is so different, and because I am in the car with them almost daily I always take full advantage of a quiet commute.

We only live about 45 minutes from the Santa Rosa Beaches and when we got there I noticed what a difference it is in visiting the Destin area in January versus any other time from March until Christmas. Between tourists, the beach and the outlets, the traffic is always horribly nutty and stand still, especially for such a small area. We pretty much got married in the perfect month for our traveling taste.

We are hoping to visit the mountains in the future, like we did on our honeymoon.

During the trip we did the usual getaway things. We ate at some yummy local spots and on Saturday afternoon we went to a movie, which we never do. I made the mistake of getting sour patch kids for the movie and my tongue was raw the rest of the evening. Stephen advised me to get skittles and I totally ignored the man. My mistake for sure.

I don’t post pictures of Stephen and myself much, so here are several to last until our next Anniversary ;)




(a great advertisement to show why it’s always good to get photos with something other than your phone!)




January12_2015 (3 of 1)

January12_2015 (4 of 1)

January122015 (1 of 1)



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