Jumping is such an easily fun activity. Well, maybe not super easy the older we get, but definitely fun!

One morning the girls and I were playing and they started off by crawling around on the couch. Crawling turned into rolling off onto pillows which somehow turned into jumping into stacks of blankets.

We may have all been breaking a dad-rule. No jumping off/on the couch. They broke it by jumping, I broke it by allowing them to jump AND laughing while capturing photographic evidence. I apologized for my lack of parental control and responsibility. I think he forgave me ;)



2 Thoughts on “Couch-olene

  1. I think your timeline on here gets out of whack sometimes… I’ve seen the post ABOVE this (and commented on it), but then I stumble on this one, when I swear I’ve looked beyond before and this wasnt here!

    Awesomely awesome snapshots of abounding aleaping achicas…

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