Sweet Seasons

Happy weekend, all. While I’m sitting outside on the front porch watching the girls play I figured I’d make a little update while my hands are somewhat free.

The other week my sister came up with a fun plan for all of us to go visit one of the local pumpkin patch farms.

When I saw that it was $8 a person I was kinda not looking forward to it, but when we arrived I understood and was totally on board.
These people make bank, and they deserve every penny because this place is a kid haven.

Here are some pictures my sister took while we were there (thank you for snapping these, Ri!)








The girls had a blast. Literally played until they were about to drop.

A bonus on top of it all, I had a prospective client going with her family so we were able to meet there. I got a new home birth mom on the schedule and that truly made my morning complete!

One Thought on “Sweet Seasons

  1. Gramsie Granger on January 7, 2015 at 1:04 pm said:

    Ha! That pic of Elanor on the fire truck! Can you say “precocious”!?

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