A Reappearance

Aaaaaand, I’m back! Did you like that trick? I disappeared for a while there. It seems the kids, a new job, church trips, and just me being crazy tired really played a big part in the whole ‘neglect the website’ stint there.

We have really been up to a lot this summer. Oh no, pause – Elanor woke up… she must know I’m trying to do web work. Okay, I think she fell back asleep, at least I hope she did because it’s 12:07am and this mom is hoping her kids choose to sleep in their own room tonight. Yep, we have reached the point of kids crawling into our bed. It was cute at first. The kicks into the back, pillow hogging and sheet stealing has really started to wear off the cuteness effect for me. Although the hand holding and morning cuddles sure are precious.

Now for a few photos. Here is some of our June and July of 2014.

Strawberry picking



Kid Birthday parties, with the hubbs


Blueberry Picking while baby wearing



BOTH girls attended Mothers Day Out in July



Sunday morning music practice



An ER visit with Elanor
(she turned out to be fine, just scared her parents)



Stephen and I BOTH attended Centrifuge Youth Camp



Elevator rides with a text messaging unicorn (at camp)



“What I want to be when I grow up” theme night
we have a good group of dreamers!



If you didn’t know, I am scared of heights & I slept on a top bunk – which was a big deal for me



Having fun at ISR swim lessons



The girls visiting us at Univ of Mobile during camp



Skateboarding in the halls



Cousin kisses



The hubs
[I posted this because I think he's handsome]



Wahoos Baseball Game with the Youth Group



Little Elanor smiling for the camera while at babysitter Melissa’s house



Grocery shopping with BOTH kids
(it doesn’t happen often)



We switched the girls room and I put their mattresses on the floor the first night
Since then Sarah pushed them together and now they sleep right next to one another



Elanor being silly



Feeding ducks at the pond and going to the park



Swinging and relaxing



Sarah wanted in the baby swing bc Elanor and Addison were in them



Visiting Papaw and Nana



Facetime with Daddy while he was on a business trip



Giving Barney some hugs






Cousin snack break



There’s a few visuals of what we have been up to in the Ringl family. It’s been a fun and busy summer, and today I decided I am looking forward to some cooler weather and exciting holidays!

Thank you, Mrs. Debra, for reminding me I needed to update! My computer time has been overly consumed with editing photos, so it’s nice to take a break and look at pictures of my own kiddos and family.

2 Thoughts on “A Reappearance

  1. Love Love Love

  2. It’s about freaking time (fun fact, I typed this sentence at first with all my fingers on my right hand placed on the wrong keys, meaning the words came out all wrong… for example, move every finger on your right hand over 1 key to the right, and “I am a sexy man” comes out “O a, a sexi ,am”

    You’re scared of heights? How have I never known that. Dork.

    My nieces (all 3 of them) are seriously the most beautiful and precious little girls. And that’s with all prejudices and biases thrown out the window.

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