Saturday Fun

This past Saturday we went out to a blueberry festival. It was a last minute decision while we were sitting having breakfast that morning and I’m so glad we went.

The girls had a blast! I intended to pick berries while we were there, but Sarah was pretty distracted by the horse rides, bounce house and blow up slide…

We plan on picking some blueberries this week with friends, so that’ll make up for it. Especially since the 1lb we did buy while there was eaten before the day was over.




Sarah was quiet the whole time, but LOVED getting to actually ride a horse for the first time. So much so that that is what we did last night, only I was the horse and now my knees will probably be beautifully bruised from all our fun.




Handsome man holding a cute little girl


That evening we went to our friend and neighbors house for dinner and the girls played until they were ready to drop. So much so, that Sarah did when we got home…



It was a really great weekend. I love when we get to go out and do things together as a family, especially since I get a little cabin-feverish during the week sometimes. I plan on dragging Stephen to the beach sometime soon so we can have a fun time getting the car all covered in sand and vacuuming the floor mats for eternity.

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