I thought it would be fun to do a little “get to know me” update. Share a little about the inner-mind of Cassie Ringl. Hopefully this goes well and is entertaining and not just weird. To make it more interesting, once I type a fact I will not delete it. This will either lead me to think before I “speak”, which I should work on as it is, or say some really weird stuff that will make you question being my friend hereafter. Let’s hope for good results.

  1. Before kids I did not like bananas. When I first had children I only liked them slathered in peanut butter. Now, I eat them plain. One example that kids change you.
  2. While I will eat a plain banana, I can not stand banana “flavoring”. Not in smoothies, icecream, candy, and especially not banana pudding.
  3. I drink crystal light lemonade constantly, but I’m secretly afraid of aspartame and ALSO afraid to admit that to myself because I don’t like the idea of giving up my sugar-free delicious water flavoring.
  4. I have bad hearing in my right ear. Happened about a year ago and I keep telling myself to go to the Chiropractor and an Ear-Nose-Throat Doctor. I’m really bad at going to the doctor.
  5. Technology scares me. Not in an “I won’t use it” way, but more of a very minor conspiracy theorist way and believing that Skynet (from Terminator) could seriously happen and that these very words could possibly be being “recorded” or watched. Yep, already regret typing this one out. Eesh.
  6. My husband works in IT and is a computer whiz. He pretty much thinks I’m bonkers for what I just admitted to in #5.
  7. I don’t like scary movies, scary cartoons, or scary books. Pretty much anything scary, or with suspenseful music, is not my style. I have slapped myself in the face several times from covering my eyes & “peeking” and then hitting myself from trying to cover my eyes too quickly.
  8. I still get phantom baby kicks in my stomach and momentarily freak out and also miss being pregnant at the same time.
  9. No, I am not pregnant.
  10. I have recently become a huge fan of roasted veggies and pesto on everything.
  11. I eat my salad out of mixing bowls (as pictured below) because stir-spillage drives me crazy.
  12. I love strawberries. All things strawberry. My favorite fruit: strawberries. Cake: strawberry/strawberry shortcake. Icecream: Strawberry (and equally cookies & cream).
  13. I was always an early to rise, early to bed kinda gal, for 27 or so years of my life. Then I had kids.
  14. Our older daughter, Sarah, has become hard to get down for a nap. These past few weeks I discovered if I lay in our bed with her she will eventually fall asleep. It’s been glorious.
  15. Now I just need to discover how to get Elanor to sleep 2-3 hours, at the same time, so we can have family naptime!
  16. I love to garden. Growing up I didn’t understand why my parents enjoyed planting and watering plants so much. I get it now.
  17. I have discovered dry shampoo and it has changed.my.life.!
  18. I want to learn to roast a chicken. Actually I want to own chickens and learn how to not-get-crazy-attached and then later cook one of said chickens, and replicate those meals with the eggs our other yard dwellers provide. #CircleOfLife
  19. I am both excited and terrified by going “public” with my Birth Photography. I am confident in myself and not seeking a big money-making venture, and I think will make it more relaxing.
  20. I am an anti-hoarder. I don’t like clutter, or having items that we aren’t using. Because of this, toys are quite possibly my nemesis. I struggle with both wanting to give our girls sweet special gifts, and also wanting them to be just as excited and content with drawing on their rock collections and learning how much fun it is building with sticks, string and mud.
  21. I’m hyper critical of myself. From my walk with the Lord, to being that “awesome” mom I want to be but constantly doubt I am. We women think to much, and I am continually striving to not judge myself so harshly.
  22. I’m a nail biter. I go through phases where I stop and then without realizing it I look down and they’re gone again. It’s nutty.
  23. I miss running and think about getting a double jogging stroller, but then I remember it’s almost summer and that it would sit lifeless, sweating on itself, while we all melt from just thinking about the humid florida heat.
  24. Knowing how to give people’s hair more “body” in photoshop makes me feel like a magician.
  25. I like to mow the lawn. It’s a workout where the end result is noticeable and looks great everytime.
  26. Sarah is very interested in learning to read, but I’m secretly hoping that Stephen will want to teach her.
  27. I would gladly do laundry, without complaint, for the rest of my life, if I could hire someone solely to wash my dishes. #SoManySippyCups #PeanutButterNeverComesOffInOurDishwasher
  28. When I grow up I want a minivan. A roomy, door sliding, hatchbacked minivan.
  29. I can’t watch shows or movies with a lot of language or gore. The older I get, and more kids I have, the more uncomfortable they both make me.
  30. I love my age. I never have to think what it is, which will change next year and wasn’t true last year.

With that being said, I’m going to end this at said number. Thirty has been my favorite age so far. I can’t wait to see how much changes and the new things we get to experience before next year.


Kitchen window dress-up. Pretty and free, my favorite combo.

3 Thoughts on “#CassieFacts

  1. Matt on May 30, 2014 at 9:11 pm said:

    You’ve inspired me.
    1. I love bananas. Always have. Always will. With or without peanut butter. With or without ice cream. With or without your approval. What kind of nutjob doesn’t like bananas #youanddad=nutjobs (although I suppose you’re evolving
    2. I drink Crystal Light constantly too, and have the EXACT same denial/concern. I know the aspartame is there, but I pretend I don’t. aspartame asspartofme assispartofme assisapartofme… wait, what just happened?!
    3. You’re deaf?!?! When did that happen?! How?! I have great hearing, but I am getting gray hairs ALL OVER my face… Not my head, just my face… WUDDUP WIT DAT?!
    4. Technology TERRIFIES me… I love it, but I’m terrified. I don’t think Skynet is a stretch at all… And even if it isn’t in the sense that the machines will rise up, it’s in the sense that the human elite have already risen up and are tapping/wathcing/controlling all we do via our technology. Just as scary.
    5. Stephen is smart enough to know that this isn’t a ridiculous concern!
    6. Scary movies are AWESOME. As is scary music. Never read a scary book before. And I do enjoy the visual of you hitting yourself in the face.
    7. I’m not pregnant either, but most mornings, about 20 minutes after waking up, I give birth. Regularly.
    8. Roasted veggies = yummmmm
    9. I eat my salads out of the biggest bowls I can find too… The spilling drives me CRAZY!!!
    10. I love bananas. And strawberries. And grapes. And pineapple. And applies. But grapefruit is of the devil. Evil in every way. Vile.
    11. I was the furthest thing from early to rise, early to bed person growing up. THEN I became an early to rise, still late to bed kinda guy. I operate on 6 hrs of sleep at all times.
    12. Graycie only naps like half the time… The other time, we use it as an excuse to put her to bed WAY early.
    14. I don’t ‘love’ to garden, but I love eating what comes out of the garden. I’d rather be eating bananas than gardening.
    15. I’m not a fan of the number 13, as evidenced above… Or a capital b, as it looks like a scrunched together 13 (thank you Mitch Hedberg)
    16. Dry shampoo? Is this a thing? Are you making some inside joke that I am not inside of? I believe dry shampoo is called ‘I didn’t wash my hair’
    17. I thought it would be cool to raise and eat my own chicken/s, but then I thought about how much chicken I eat, and don’t think I can bring myself to put that many creatures down.
    18. I think your birth photography is awesome. I think your photography is awesome. I’m really hoping you’ll do some family photography of us given an opportunity.
    19. I think Graycie is WAY spoiled with toys. (by I ‘think’, I mean I ‘know’). So I understand the toy hoarding thing. I’d like to donate 90% of it, but then I also like that she has stuff…
    20. I too am hyper critical of myself. No you’re not dude. Yes I am, jerk. Stop calling me a jerk you putz. Who’s the putz now douche. Oh, I’m also crazy.
    21. You bite your nails? Gross… Grow up Cassie. :P
    22. I don’t miss running, never have, never will… Running sucks. I like bananas though.
    23. If I knew how to use photoshop, you’d never be able to believe any pictures I ever send you again.
    24. I like doing yardword (mowing, edging, etc) because it’s ME time. Ipod pumping Hans Zimmer into my brain, epic crap goign down in my mind, grass getting chopped up.
    25. Graycie loves to read, and I love to read to her, but there is a point where she wants me to keep reading and I just want to burn the book (but only for a brief moment)
    26. I would gladly let you do my laundry, every day for the rest of my life. I’d also gladly let you do my dishes.
    27. When I grow up, I want to tell my kid sister that she grew up. From a truck, not a minivan.
    28. I haven’t reached a point where gore bothers me (at least not unless it’s EXCESSIVE, but then, what’s excessive in my mind?)… Language only bothers me if I’m watching WITH someone, but if I watch by myself, it doesn’t get too far under my skin.
    29. It took me about 2 minutes to figure out the meaning in your 30th CassieFact. Then I realized how obvious it was and wondered if maybe I’m just a teeny tiny bit retarded.

  2. Nana on June 8, 2014 at 10:27 pm said:

    It is coming to my attention every time I read your blog that I have the most amazing kids and I was so proud of you!

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