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You guys. Bronchitis. That word is not a joke! I got struck with a severe case 3 weeks ago and am still recuperating. I’m actually writing this post in the doctors office for another visit because I have new and some existing symptoms that haven’t gone away. In case you were wondering at all, that’s where I’ve been. There, and working on my new photography website. More on that later though.

I wanted to give you a little phone photo love while I sit here and wait for the Doc to come In. Using my time wisely ;)

Saturday we played in the backyard while Stephen tried to fix the lawn mower.



After swinging for a while the girls moved to playing at the stump. Sarah has started playing “dolls”, per-say, and it’s so fun to watch.



Elanor prefers to throw leaves and taste rocks. Although I’m thankful it’s the leaves she’s throwing and not rocks. We get enough bumps and bruises around here without any assistance.


It didn’t take too long to move from the stump to flower picking.
Sarah brought this one to me for my hair.


Yes, we do have some of the sweetest little girls ever. So far I’m a HUGE fan of age3. While she may be learning to try and test us to new limits, she is also a whole new level of tender and fun. Having a constantly-growing vocabulary helps a lot with children. Go figure.

After that the girls had some solid nap times and I went grocery shopping. That basically sums up our day. Stephen took Sarah to church with him to set up a new keyboard and they stopped for icecream on the way home. She talked about it for days.

Other than that we hung around the house and relaxed with the kiddos. A nice and relaxing weekend for the win!

One Thought on “Weekend Photos

  1. Matt on May 26, 2014 at 7:45 am said:

    I completely agree about the age thing. G isn’t 3 yet, but already she’s being so much more expressive and affectionate. The tantrums sure is heck aren’t fun though!

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