A Home Day

We do a lot during the sunlight hours. And by a lot I mean tons of tiny different things. Lots of bathroom breaks and diaper changes. Snacks upon snacks upon more snacks. Playing outside several times. Playing music because anything can be a drumstick when youre a kid (or husband driving and keeping beat on the steering wheel). Then, when I feel like we’ve exhausted all activities/my wits end, we watch a movie (Frozen is the current favorite). Sometimes on repeat.

This is an honest space guys. I’m not gonna sugar coat my parenting style. I already beat myself up more than I knew possible over technology vs low/no media. We are a movie-watching family. Especially on days like today, where the rain won’t stop and the kiddos seem to be morphing into monkeys, clinging to my every limb.

Does rain make other peoples kiddos act up? I’ve already handed out multiple fruit snacks and it’s not even 9:30 in the morning! Anything for them to just sit for a few moments. I put Elanor down for an early nap because for some crazy reason she woke up at 5:30 this morning and randomly started asking to nurse, after weening herself almost a month ago.

It’s already felt like a long week, and it’s only Tuesday. Of course by Friday I’ll be saying this week flew by, and Sarah will be a week closer to being 4 and Ella will be saying new words that I didn’t even know she was learning. The simple blink of an eye.

Speaking of eyes, Sarah informed me I had several spiders in mine and she had to remove them for me. Dr. Sarah to the rescue.




When we play with Sarah’s medical bag we take turns being the patient and when it’s her turn I’m Dr. Mommy. It’s one of my favorite names.

Sometimes, occasionally weekly, I move furniture around. I think it makes me feel like I’m “accomplishing” something when the laundry pile won’t stop growing, no matter how many loads I do, or I don’t want to mop pee off the bathroom floor for the third time. This desk has lived in several places. We are trying it out in our room because for some reason I won’t allow myself to accept that it will probably just become another drop-zone for misplaced mail and half full plastic cups. It started with good intentions, and that means something to this lady.




Then, sometimes (rarely), I get smart and use my time wisely. Grocery list making from the swing set. Sarah has learned how to turn the hose on, and I’ve decided it’s not a battle worth pursuing. They both love playing with the water hose, especially when it involves making mud puddles, so if our yard turns into an overwatered lake, so be it. They’ll only want to do this for so long, so I better enjoy it while I can. #TakingTheHighRoad


I’ve been attending an early morning Boot Camp with my friend Dahlia. It starts at 5:30, so I’m up by 4:45. Week 1 almost killed me. I had no idea how out of shape I was until all of last week. We only signed up for a two-week intro course, so I’ve only got 2 more days of non-stop muscle exhaustion. On the plus side, Stephen has been getting up just after me and having some time to himself in the mornings. I get home around 6:15, grab a good bye kiss and he heads out the door for work. It’s made for some really early bedtimes around here, and not a lot of spouse talk time, but with our bodies adjusting I think we’ve found a good new system.

I’ll check back next week and let you know how hilarious I find that statement and the idea of not getting every precious minute of sleep my children allow.

I was also able to plant some herbs. I really enjoy getting my hands dirty, especially when the girls follow behind me and take all the fresh placed soil out. The rosemary and lavender smell amazing, as you would expect.



Sometimes Sarah plays dress up in random peoples clothes. Today was daddy’s shoes.


Then, when it’s been an extra long day and I can’t seem to get my thoughts organized, or even form full sentences because I’m so scattered from a three-year olds endless questions, her younger sister asking up-up while at the same time spilling cheerios on the floor while I try to search our pantry to see what I should make for dinner… aka: everyday. That’s when popsicles enter the pictures. Popsicles and bubbles in the bath. Run on sentence, much?!




There you have it. Another typical day in the Ringl house. The girls are getting crazy big and I’m finally learning how to make myself healthy snacks so I don’t consume goldfish and leftover PBJ’s all day. Parenthood is all about baby steps and not having crazy high expectations for yourself or your family.

And because you are wondering, yes, those popsicles are delicious.


4 Thoughts on “A Home Day

  1. Vicci on April 16, 2014 at 9:33 pm said:

    Love it! How in the world did you ever crawl out of bed that early!!!

    • Cassie on April 18, 2014 at 11:38 am said:

      Magic. Haha. Or more so, multiple alarms and an accountability partner that would be meeting me there! We texted each other to make sure the other was up. That made it surprisingly easy to get up. Knowing if I didn’t show someone would be let down – a huge motivator!

  2. So you DO have TV crash time! I was wondering… Its all pictures of the lovely ladies outside all the time… I’m sitting here thinking, ‘man, am I a crappy dad cause we let G watch too much tv?!’…

    I like that you perched yourself at the top of the slide, I’m presuming to avoid being targeted by that hose?

    • Cassie on April 17, 2014 at 6:44 pm said:

      Haha, oh silly silly Matthew. We very much have mommy-needs-a-break time, which usually involves viewing an eccentric monkey, or cowboy and space man.

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