A Houston Wedding [day 4]

Day 4. The last of our trip. It was time to pack, load up, and head home. We did ourselves a favor and slept until 8:30 that morning. We headed down for our last free meal and loaded up the car to head out.

About an hour outside Houston we stopped and picked up some donuts. Nicole snapped these awesome shots…



We drove and only made stops for gas and taco bell. I’m not sure what exit we used for lunch and a bathroom pitstop, but it was the worst I’ve ever encountered. The sink/faucet was corroded and they had a beaten up bottle of dial dish soap to wash your hands. Then, at the taco bell up the street one of the stalls had a door hanging off the hinges, and well, it made me create a mental ‘never again’ list for interstate exits. Classy place, obviously.

During the drive Nicole and I rode in style by watching one of my childhood favorites – Mighty Ducks: D2. I love watching movies from the 80’s & 90’s and seeing how awesomely corny they are. It’s something I think Stephen finds weird, silly, and hopefully kinda cute. I don’t ever make him watch them with me, but you can be sure our kiddo’s will be raised following my cinema expertise!

We got back and dropped off the McKenzies and then headed to pick up the girls. When we arrived their reactions were beyond ideal. Sarah opened the door and was saying “Daddy! Daddy! ” while jumping into his arms and Elanor was getting super excited pumping her arms saying ‘Dada! Dada!’ I followed in behind him and Elanor practically leapt from my dads arms into mine. She immediately smiled and laughed while pumping her arms and then laid her head on my chest. It was perfect.

I didn’t realize how much I missed them until that moment. They are so amazing. I missed them like crazy, but we kept so busy doing stuff that I didn’t let myself over-think it. In case you don’t know, or have an extra amazing brain that allows you to not do so, a mom’s worst trait can be unnecessary worry. The devil is sneaky.
Our girls are amazing, and we love them so stinkin’ much.

When we got home I went ahead and started all our laundry to get it over and done with. The next morning I was unloading the dryer and I found this in the lint trap…


Nicole, I found one of our missing room keys! Turns out it was hidden inside my dryer at home the whole time ;)

That wraps up the Houston trip of 2014, Ringl & McKenzie edition. The next trip we have planned isn’t until July 4th weekend to the Lake House in Alabama. That’ll be a blast! I’m already looking forward to the watermelon and bbq. And the bacon at breakfast. Oh guys, the wafting smell of bacon… is it July yet?!?

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  1. Matt on April 3, 2014 at 8:36 pm said:

    Those pesky hotel room keys have a tendency of jumping state lines on their own!

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