A Houston Wedding [day 3]

Well, it’s official, I love vacation. Thankfully being a part from the girls didn’t feel as real as it was because facetime and instant texts/pictures. I sent them videos and mom and dad were fantastic at sending me some as well. It definitely didn’t feel like they were over 8 hours away from me. Thank you again, mom and dad, we couldn’t have gone on this trip without your willingness to take them in for 4 whole days. Now that my brain is thinking about it, we should probably go on another trip so Stephen’s parents can have them equal time! What do you say, mom? ;)

Back to trip recap… We are now on Saturday. The wedding day. The main reason for this fun trip. Once again, we all woke up strangely early. I was feeling nice and lazy so Nicole and I headed up to the gym and did a little workout. After feeling refreshed we grabbed some grub and headed out for another day of who-knows-what.

 The view from our room


We grabbed some fajitas for lunch, because, when in Texas, right?!




Nicole is awesome at grabbing phone shots!


Heading out to watch two awesome people get hitched



Group shots with a phone… quality stinks, but better than nothing!


The reception was at an arts bar. It was packed with all these old tiffany lamps and chandeliers.

Our awesome friends Sarah and Stephen Shaw were at the wedding and reception. It was so awesome to get to catch up and talk. They have a new baby girl, Ada, and I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to come, so when I saw them both after the wedding I was so excited. Hooray for adult time!


The reception was a lot of fun. Nicole and I danced and then Stephen got out on the dance floor, and that, friends, is a sign of true love!

After leaving the reception we headed back to the hotel and played some more cards. You think I was kidding about cards, but we don’t joke around about games. Or actually. that’s exactly what we do. That’s sorta the point.


After heading up to the room for the night we put on a movie, ‘Catching Fire’, the second of the Hunger Games trilogy. Stephen got it for me for my birthday. I watched it while everyone else slowly drifted off to sleep. It was a pretty long and fun-packed day so it didn’t take me long to follower their lead.

One Thought on “A Houston Wedding [day 3]

  1. Matt on April 3, 2014 at 8:34 pm said:

    Shaw has a baby? I was unaware of this tidbit…

    Looking forward to Catching Fire… Now lets see if they can make Mockingjay (BOTH of them, since they’re splitting it) better than the stupid book.

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