A Houston Wedding [day 2]

Friday started off just like any good vacation. We slept until 7 and woke up totally refreshed. Of course the fact that I automatically woke up at 7 AND felt refreshed is far from my norm. I’m telling you, those mattresses were magic.

Nicole had gone for a quick run and after she got back we all headed down to eat. The hotel had free hot breakfast and it was really good. Eggs and bacon at zero additional charge?! Yes please!

After filling up we decided to go and visit some shops and had a real relaxing time just walking around. It was so nice not having a set schedule or somewhere we had to be until that evening.



Nicole and I walked around a few girly shops and the guys surprised us with some coffee. I’m definitely a fan of venturing out and returning to a tasty beverage from a handsome man! I should meander more often.

Stephen and I were attending the rehearsal that evening and Brandon and Nicole took advantage of the alone time to go on a hot date ;) ¬†Look at them looking all spiffy. (Spiffy?! I promise I’m 30, not 60…)



At the rehearsal


The Rehearsal dinner was at the restaurant JD and Kate had their first date. It was really nice inside and had amazing landscaping right outside all the big windows. The food was delicious, which was an extra awesome bonus!


After catching up with a lot of friends, and meeting some new people, we were dropped off at our hotel and found Brandon and Nicole hanging out on the roof in the hot tub. We went to visit them after hitting up the cookie bar and it seems a load of kids decided to follow suit. It didn’t take long until the hot tub turned into a crowded warm kiddie pool.

After heading back inside we decided to hit up the hotel lounge and play some cards.



Brandon and Nicole are our euchre partners. We love playing cards, and pretty much any game for that matter. Nicole and Stephen stomped Brandon and me. I love playing cards, a game where you can talk and goof off all at the same time.

Not surprisingly, day two of our trip was another resounding success. Rest, relaxation, lots of laughs and even more tasty food. It was exactly what we were needing.

2 Thoughts on “A Houston Wedding [day 2]

  1. Miriah on March 28, 2014 at 10:51 pm said:

    ANOTHER pair of pants I want?! Where on earth did you get those tealish pants!?!

  2. Matt on April 3, 2014 at 8:30 pm said:

    Wait… “spiffy” is an old person word?!

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