Feb Fun

A few Saturdays ago we spent a fun day at my sisters house. They recently moved about 10 minutes away, so spontaneous hangtimes have happily increased. In case you haven’t caught on, over the past few years, my sister has gained a huge fan. This particular person would probably start her very own fan club, if she knew such a thing could exist. My little sister is a huge mentor to one of the most precious and important people in my life. RiRi, you are a huge deal, in case you weren’t aware. I don’t have to worry for a second about the impact you will have on my daughters. They, no, we, are incredibly blessed to have you in our lives. We look forward to years upon years of goofy fun times together.

That was an unexpected sentimental moment… let’s move on, shall we.

For most of the afternoon the boys were busy installing a new stereo in our car. Bluetooth is a new thing right? I’m always about a decade behind with technology.

While the boys did their thing all us girls kept busy in the backyard.


Sarah & I had some fun one on one time while Elanor took a nap





Fun Play with RiRi



My first “niece” Sheila ;)


our stick art


It was a great afternoon. The weather was so beyond perfect that it would have been wrong to not spend it outdoors.

2 Thoughts on “Feb Fun

  1. lets just make me cry, why don’t we? Seriously… it means a lot and those were such sweet words to my heart. I absolutely adore your little girls and cannot wait to enjoy the years ahead.

    Speaking of… about what age should a child be before starting a fan club anyways? I think I like this idea. I’m imagining secret handshakes, funny “club member” hats… and cookies. Membership cookies. Regularly. =)

  2. Matt on April 3, 2014 at 7:59 pm said:

    I continue to admire your parenting as I read on…

    And I LOVE the last picture with the stick art. Super creative

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