Embracing the Backyard

Mondays. Do you feel me? Crazy, right?! They come so fast after the weekend flies by.

This past Monday started like most. The girls woke up, Sarah first, as usual. She called our names over and over until I finally pulled my legs out of bed, slipped my socks on and made my way across the hall to their room. I opened the door and found Sarah sitting in Elanors crib. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s always adorable. Sarah laughed and got excited because she always thinks it’s hilarious when we find her in E’s crib. I picked the girls up and we headed for the living room so I could get them breakfast. Mom of the year choice, animal crackers. It’s so nice that both girls can eat the same food, especially when battling my early morning hazy state.

I made Stephen a shake and got his stuff ready so he could head out the door. The girls come and track me down and want to bust out the PlayDoh. For the next few hours that’s how my day plays out. Lots of different activities, back and forth.

My friend Dahlia came over for a bit and when she left the girls followed her out the front door. Anytime the girls get their feet off the threshold of the door they think that means one thing, outside time. Both girls went straight to the sand toys and started playing. They were having so much fun and I immediately regretted letting them walk outside. I knew we were about to have some major fits thrown. I had dinner cooking and needed to be in the kitchen to finish up some bread I was baking. Then, it hit me. Backyard. We have a giant space out there, I need to get dinner finished, let’s give this crazy idea a go.

I don’t normally let the girls out there. At all. Like, never. On occasion when one of us lets them swap turns in the swing, but that’s when the weather is not too hot and not too cold, so like 4 times a year. Maybe?! Seriously people, Florida weather is so weird.

I decided to bite the bullet and as soon as I told Sarah that we were coming inside to go back outside to the backyard she was all for it. And whatever Sarah is for Elanor is okay with.

It was a muggy day with scattered sprinkles, so the ground was perfect for toe dirtying, rock digging, and worm searching fun. I’m calling these pictures Operation Backyard Fun. Photo collection commence!


Sarah has taught Elanor all about worm & rock hunting…


So many rocks to dig through



Can climb into the swing herself. Too big!


Yes, I let my children taste dirt.



She loves her silly sister


Their time outside went really well. I will admit my surprise and excitement that I was able to get dinner made without one or both girls clinging to my legs wanting to be picked up, held, or whatever else seems to happen in the 45 minutes I try to make a real meal.

I do know one thing though. I wouldn’t trade their crazy loud cries, laughter and screeching craziness for anything, and I’m glad I allowed myself to let go of a bit of motherhood fear and let them have fun getting beautifully dirty.

Kids are fun, and our two girls, a total blast!

One Thought on “Embracing the Backyard

  1. Matt on April 3, 2014 at 7:50 pm said:

    You’re such a great mom Cass.

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