This past week I was excited to have an impromptu get together with some of my best friends. Women I have known since way back when we were just teenagers. Mid-puberty high school days. Remember those?! Ya, I blocked most of them too…

We had so many great times during the crazy years of  high school. There were few I kept in “real” touch with after we graduated. These gals are the ones. The friends that stuck with me through thick and thin. Throughout all the crazy times. Years full of laughter and quite a few tears. Technically there are 4 of us, but the other is Brett, and I doubt he wants to be included in a lot of our crazy gal-moments. Although he has been there for quite a bit of it. That boy deserves a medal.

Now, after almost 12 years since we graduated, two of us live in the Pensacola area and the other two BOTH relocated to Houston. I feel like most of the people I know live in these two places. And a few scattered in between those locations. Weird.

Last week Kelly decided to make a trip to Pensacola because she had a long weekend. Thank you for that MLK day.

A lot has changed since the days we first met. I could not be more thankful for their friendships and am excited about getting to watch all of our sweet children grow up. There will definitely be several friend reunions along the way.

Now to all of you born after the 80’s, these first few photos are what pictures look like that had to be scanned INTO a computer. The pre-(affordable) digital days.

 College Life


My 22nd birthday, minus Kel & plus Stephen


Ahh the college days


It isn’t gal time without mexican food!
(I don’t know why I look like a vampire here, maybe it was all the salsa I ate)


Kel & Lissa visiting our new house in Winter 2009


To try and show you a true time lapse I dug through some boxes to find my storage of photos burned onto CD-R’s. You guys, they were so unorganized! Nothing was sorted in date order. I appreciate iPhoto more than ever right now. Categorized and dated folders with quick reference and easy scanning. I was a really organized teenager, so I don’t know why I wasn’t picky about my CD-R burning methods. Do they still even sell CD-R’s?! If so, only buy CDR-W’s. It was annoying not being able to delete things I no longer cared about seeing on those disks. Better yet, just ignore that and only store via flash drives and online accounts. Who needs the extra clutter of big ol’ cd’s anyway?! ;)

Okay. That’s the end of that rabbit trail. On to more photos…

This was 2012. Kel & I had both just found out we were pregnant & Melissa joined forces soon after!
We made a pregnancy pact. No, not really.


Brett’s wedding in Houston, July 2012
We missed Melissa so she was there virtually (See picture that follows)



Fall 2012 : Kel’s baby shower in Houston that I missed


November 2012
Kel was missing this time


(Look at that belly- I had Elanor 5 days later)

This past August when Kelly visited


Without the kiddos


The “go to” shot. When one of us is missing we pretend they are there
Missed you Brett


January 2014
Seriously, we love mexican food. Chips & salsa are sooo good!


Love them!


Such a fun visit! Jan 2014



I love how much has happened in our lives. From diplomas & degrees to families and babies. Getting older is fun you guys. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for each of us!

3 Thoughts on “Reunions

  1. LOVE this post! We have definitely seen each other through some times. Couldn’t imagine it any other way. Can’t wait to see all of our kiddos growing up in our pictures now :) Love you so much, friend!

  2. Melissa on February 6, 2014 at 1:30 pm said:

    How am I just now seeing this post? But my heart is overflowing. I could not imagine my life without y’all!!! And kudos to Brett for putting up with us all these years, he really does deserve a medal!! I’m in agreeance, I can’t wait to see our kids growing up together (Brett’s turn!!!). Love you guys so much, next time let’s try for the four of us!!!

  3. It’s great having friends that you still keep in touch with, cherish, and hang out with many years later.

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