The Bushes

A few weeks ago I got to take some family photos for some great friends.

Sara, Jordan and their two kiddos, Jairus and Evangeline are currently living here in Pensacola while waiting to relocate to Uruguay. They are going to be serving with a team to share the name and love of Jesus in not just a new location, but a completely different country with a foreign language. The Lord has called each of His disciples to share His name with all nations, to the ends of the earth, and this amazing family does not take that role lightly. They are on fire, the way God desires each of us to be, and they are an inspiration and encouragement to me and my family.

Here are a few shots of their beautiful family.


The Bush Family


I am so glad that God placed this family in our lives. Sara and I met back in college and we have hit many milestones together. We had our first and second children within 2 months of each other, both times. We missed one another’s baby showers because the other was in labor. The very thought of going through a pregnancy without her along side me is a sad and weird thought.

Join me in praying for them. From traveling to raise funds and the patience and joy in awaiting the Lords timing in their move. To continue to use them in their current placement, sharing the love of Jesus in their neighborhood. They are people you don’t forget once you meet them and you know you are blessed to have a relationship with them. True friendships are hard to come by, and that is something I know not to take for granted.


They have had a very busy and prayer filled 2013 and I look forward to seeing and hearing how the Lord uses them in this coming year.

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  1. Sara B. on January 6, 2014 at 5:48 pm said:

    Ahh yay!! Thanks! Maybe we can do another session without the migraine, heat, and cat poop. LOL!

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