A Doctor Visit

On Thursday we took Elanor to see her doctor. She’s had a runny nose and a cough that quickly grew since last week. With all this changing weather, cold one day, hot the next, we’ve been running a humidifier in their room to give their respiratory systems some balance. A humidifier can only do so much though.

Feeling like something just wasn’t right I made an appointment and all 4 of us made the visit. Sarah hasn’t been to the doctor in a long time, so she was excited for the trip. I think Curious George helped her fascination grow bc any episodes with a doctor are her favorite.




Elanor was a lot more relaxed with having Sarah there. I will remember that for future visits.




Our wait was really short and our doctor came in pretty quick.




We had Ella’s 1 year appointment just one week before and she clearly remembered that she was just there and had gotten some boosters. She is just like most little ones at the doctor, not her favorite place… She didn’t even want a sticker from the Dr. Sarah, however, loved getting a Christmas Tree sticker!


We found out that Elanor has both RSV and a double ear infection. Poor girl must have a high pain tolerance bc she has not acted anything like a sick baby. She’s been a little extra cuddly and wanting to be held, but that isn’t abnormal for her tender personality.



I’m so glad that we took her in “just in case” something was wrong. On Friday she was definitely showing signs of being uncomfortable. I am so thankful for family and our small church family. Our friend Melissa came and got Sarah so I could give Elanor some extra attention. Sarah got to go decorate cookies and play her heart out.



Melissa asked if she could have her for the afternoon without me ever thinking about asking. My independent and quiet, introverted personality doesn’t ask for help, or even think about asking (except from my mom, haha). It is truly a God blessing to have people like that in your life.


(they went to the store and Sarah got spoiled for a bit)

This morning Elanor woke up in good spirits and she and I have had a quiet morning cuddling in the couch while Stephen and Sarah sleep in. I love quiet slow weekends.

Please pray our little one has complete healing and that she doesn’t get any more ear infections. She had just gotten over having one 2 weeks ago.
Also, thank you to my husband for teaching me to openly ask for prayer. I am not good at asking for things, especially prayer, and he is continually teaching me how to be a better servant and to open my heart to others. To be real and true.

I hope you all have a great weekend and that your Christmas shopping is compete. And if it isn’t, good luck


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  1. Ughhh… RSV is no fun… Ear infections, the worst… TOGETHER?! Brutal… You’ve got a little champ that handles it like a pro, just like Graycie :)

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