Sarah Met Santa

We had a fun and exciting trip today. Sarah got to meet Santa Claus. When we first arrived she was a little nervous, quietly watching the boy ahead of us in line. We walked up and she shyly said Hi. She sat with him and I was able to [slowly] back away while Stephen was holding Elanor. She sat there quietly and when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she answered “A present.” When he asked her what kind of present she said “A red one.”
It was adorable and so innocently sweet.

We went during Stephen’s lunch time so there wasn’t a line and Sarah got to sit there with Santa for a bit. She thought it was pretty cool.


Now I will show you why we didn’t originally put Elanor with them. This was exactly what we were expecting…


They gave me that picture for free. It’s definitely a keeper!

Today was a real fun experience. Sarah loves singing Christmas songs in the car, and now she has a face with most those tunes.

1 week til Christmas! Can’t wait to see our girls excited faces when they wake up next Wednesday ❤️

3 Thoughts on “Sarah Met Santa

  1. That second photo is incredible. I expect a Christmas Card in the mail with that photo.

  2. She looks more like Jason in that picture than ever before… Wow! ;)

    Just ask mom for a picture of him on Santas lap.

  3. Christmas photos aren’t complete without a baby screaming. Period.

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