Tree Time

We started off the holidays right and continued our tradition of getting our Christmas tree the weekend of Thanksgiving. This year we went on black Friday, which also happened to be Elanors 1st Birthday. It was a fun way to celebrate our sweet girl. She had a blast playing with all the lights and Christmas decorations at the store.

That morning we met our friends Brandon, Nicole, and cousin Kate and after getting our trees headed back to their house. We decorated the McKenzies tree while the boys did the lights outside the house. After decorating their place we headed home so the girls could get their naps. While they slept Stephen and I setup the tree and he put the lights on the house so they would be surprised when they woke up. I strung an insane (and awesome) amount of lights on the tree while he was busy outside.

Both girls loved waking up and finding the tree already lit up. Sarah helped me put the ornaments on while Elanor tried to take them all off. We quickly decided that the ornaments were going to be a bit higher this year. Sarah enjoyed being picked up high each time to place them all in place.

Here are some pictures of the occasion.

Elanors 1st Tree Day


Playing with all the music & light decorations


Our Tree Spotter


Sarah helped Stephen pick a great tree


Tree Acquired


Stephen on light duty


House lights


 The Birthday Girl 


2013 Christmas Tree


We are so excited to start some new traditions this year with our girls. Sarah is at such a fun age and she has really gotten into the spirit of the holidays. She even asked us if she could go see Santa. We were both pretty surprised. Now, as for if she will actually sit there with Santa is a completely different scenario. I guess we will find out soon!

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  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls all the way around (and one studly dude)

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