Tigger & A Pumpkin

Last Thursday we had a great time at our churches Trunk or Treat.


We stayed until it started to rain and then headed home where Sarah got to chow down on a few candies before heading off to bed. She got an extra long teeth brushing that night.

Overall it was a lot of fun. It was nice that everything was right there in a small parking area so Sarah wasn’t worn down and asking to be carried 1/2 way into the night. Then again, Stephen and I probably could have used the extra walking with all the candy she was given.


3 Thoughts on “Tigger & A Pumpkin

  1. FABULOUS post!! I love you all soooo much!! <3'

  2. Such a cute family :) <3 adore <3

  3. Apparently I’ve fallen WAY behind on your blog…

    Sarah makes a better Tigger than Tigger… And Elanor, well, she’s just a natural pumpkin…

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