Tea & Teeth

Earl grey tea. That’s been my evenings. Every evening. For two weeks now. Why you ask?

This girl

and this girl

They are both teething.

Sarah’s two-year molars and Elanors front 4. It has been a whole new parenting experience. My patience has been tested and I’ve failed. Failed miserably. Failed on more occasions than I want to recall or ever admit. Short to no naps, only one lap for two crying & attention craving wee ones, teeth clinching orajel-avoidance at it’s highest level, and lots (and lots) of curious george episodes.

Guys, parenting is hard. So hard. The most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever done.

It’s awesome. Awesome. Amazing. Wonderful. Beautiful. Awesome, again, and then Hard again. Teething however, not so awesome.


One Thought on “Tea & Teeth

  1. Miriah on October 22, 2013 at 7:46 pm said:

    They are so beautiful :)

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