Worm to Your Mother

With cooperative weather on my side, we spent some solid time outside this week. On Monday my mom was over and helped watch the girls so I could mow the backyard and get some other yard work done.

While we were outside Sarah decided to venture from the pool and came across one of her favorite outdoor dwellers.

Friends, meet one of our yards many dirt swimmers.

I love how daring toddlers are. No hesitation to get slimy and dirty fingers.

A classic Sarah face

Big Cheesin’

There ya have it. Another day at the Ringl house, outside edition.

I think Stephen is going to threaten to disown me soon with all my¬†catchy post titles over the past few years. What can I say, I’m 29 years old and I’ve embraced my naturally corny nature. I think he’s gonna grow to accept it more and more because Sarah is growing into a mini-me more everyday.

2 Thoughts on “Worm to Your Mother

  1. DISOWN you for ‘worm to your mother’?! DISOWN!? More like pick you up on his shoulders and parade you around town bragging! I was smiling before I ever even saw the first awesome pic of my niece, the title did the job all on its own!

    Graycie has no hesitation to get dirty fingers either, but unlike Sarah, Graycie immediately freaks out and has to clean up and wash her hands… She hates to be dirty… Which is so strange! But then again, look at her mother!

  2. Cute little smiles! I love her thoughtful expression while she examines it =).

    She wouldn’t be one of us if she didn’t love to play with some bugs and insects!

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