Some Backyard Fun

Can you believe it is already time for school to start again?! Where did the summer go? Actually, since I don’t have children yet in school and it is still 95+ degrees outside it is technically still summer in my book. The new season doesn’t come around until Halloween, and most years a month of so after.

Florida is hot people. While living near the coast is great because of the wonderful gulf winds, that doesn’t stop the humidity and sticky skin factor.

Due to the massive amount of rain we have had lately we haven’t had many chances to go outside. The girls have been going bonkers being cooped up inside, so I was really excited when we were able to have an afternoon outside. We had a great time while Sarah played in her little pool and Elanor watched in the swing. Sarah loves being outside, and pools, and water, and the hose… actually, anything outdoors and involving water. She’s a toddler, it’s what they do.

I decided to finally grab a few pictures that capture our girls growing personalities really well.

One of her many faces

Seriously?! Girl has some spunk.

Proof that she does sit still, even if it’s ever so briefly.

Elanor is so peaceful and chill. She just sat and watched Sarah play in the water

Leftover Easter eggs are great for all sorts of play

It wouldn’t be an honest photo session if there wasn’t some nose picking involved

Elanor watching

Smiling at Papaw & Nana

Our little tan girl

At one point Sarah decided to share the water with Elanor and it quickly escalated from just putting it on her feet to throwing it in the air. Thankfully she’s a good listener and quickly stopped. I’m glad Elanor is used to having water splashed in her face from their bath experiences. It seems there isn’t much Sarah can do that doesn’t make her laugh and grin. Now if only I can bottle and/or channel that joy to last in their teen years… A mom can hope!

4 Thoughts on “Some Backyard Fun

  1. Love the pictures! Can’t wait to meet this sweet little baby girl,and see Sarah again. Thanks for posting. Love you

  2. Priceless pictures. The looks on my Granddaughter’s
    faces proves how much they are loved!! ; )

  3. Miriah on August 22, 2013 at 9:41 am said:


    Such adorable cuties

  4. Apparently I haven’t mentioned how much I love every single one of these pictures… Especially the top two of Sarah and the one with Elanor looking so inquisitive.

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