Once upon a time, almost two weeks ago, we celebrated the 4th of July… It was a wet stormy day, which began with couch cuddles with our little girls. Pretty much the greatest start to any day with children.
That afternoon my sister and bro-in-law came over and we headed downtown to the riverwalk for a festival. There were lots of booths and activities going on. I was needing & excited for some outdoor time. We walked around for a while, letting Sarah point out all the boats. We saw a stand for local honey and got a bottle. Miriah helped Sarah acquire a balloon and soon after that we headed home.

The boys rode together and stopped at the store for some last minute burger fixings while we gals drove home. I made up some [turkey] bacon & fresh cut green beans while the guys grilled. We had a delicious 4th of July meal!
After the girls went to bed we hung out until Miriah’s 31-pregnant-week-self passed out on the couch ;)

The girls sitting together. Sarah insisted Elanor sit with her :)







This was one of the activities going on. I called it the human gerbil, but on water! It was pretty funny to watch.


Now, somehow, that was 2 weeks ago.
Yep, that’s how quick time passes.

One Thought on “Milltown

  1. Miriah on July 18, 2013 at 9:15 am said:

    I think putting all of the adults in our family in those gerbil balls and letting us go would be utterly hilarious.

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