Memorial Weekend: Sunday edition

This past weekend was full of a lot of great things. There was grilling out, time with family, and eating way too much dessert. We could never have enough 3-day weekends in our lives!

Before us kids entered the picture my dad was an army ranger. My father in law was in the navy, which is why Stephen grew up in some really cool places, including an island in Alaska. Most recently my brother in law was in the army and served overseas the first year of his marriage.
I could not be more thankful that the 3 men in my family that served are all alive and healthy. It feels a bit silly to me that to thank them and celebrate their heroism we grill out and eat fruit covered cake, but I also know that it’s the time spent with them that is the real celebration. Families gather together and share stories. We laugh together and enjoy one another’s company. Now that I think about it it was the same 3 men that served in the military that grilled at each of our gatherings… Hooray for good chefs!

On Sunday after church we headed to my in laws for some family time. We 4, my sis-in-law Val and her fam and mom and dad made for a full house, especially since 4 were all at/under the age of 2!
In all the crazy play time I didn’t get many pictures, but I did get a few when mom, dad, and I were outside with Sarah.









Like all kids, Sarah loved playing with the bubbles. It was her first sidewalk chalk experience and I she had a lot of fun with it. We tried teaching hop scotch, and to her that meant jump around a lot, which equaled fun!
She had the most fun playing with her cousins, Mark and Russell. They played chase while the boys were in their walkers. I’ve never heard so much giggling in one place. They also competed on who could sneak the most dog food. Good to know my kid isn’t the only one that tries to eat that stuff {ewww}.

We had a great time relaxing and just being together. It’s crazy how days, weeks, and sometimes months can pass without seeing family that lives in the same town! Especially since I totally scored on having great in-laws!

Well that sums up our Sunday of memorial weekend. I’ll be back another day to share Mondays activities.


4 Thoughts on “Memorial Weekend: Sunday edition

  1. Nicole McKenzie on May 30, 2013 at 8:49 am said:

    Sarah has got to be one of the most beautiful 2 year olds I’ve ever seen!! I miss you guys, let’s REALLY try to get together soon!!!!

  2. Matt on May 31, 2013 at 10:01 pm said:

    That’s some good chalk art :) Sarah is GOOD!

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