A first

I have some pictures to share from our visit to Chick-fil-A yesterday. Mom, Miriah, and I spent the afternoon together and mom treated us to lunch. We decided on Chick-Fil-A because it’s the one spot where people eat and expect to hear children running around and squealing in the kid-zone.
I like to relax while I eat, and Sarah prefers to eat and run… It provides both.

Now, back to the reason for this post. While at lunch Sarah had her first-ever ice cream cone. She’s had ice cream before, but never on a cone and never her very own all to herself. She was a huge fan. Check these out.






The first couple licks were funny to watch. I think she was confused by the cold on her lips, but wanted to keep going bc it tasted good.
I was proud to learn that she was a great cone-sharer! She didn’t mind giving me some. I actually think she wanted to watch us eat it. She must have been perfecting her form.


By the end of it she was a pro!
We will be sure to trade in the kids meal toy for ice cream in the future! Definitely a good deal, and way worth the cute sticky mess :)
Gotta love Florida. It’s perfectly normal to have an ice cream cone in January!


2 Thoughts on “A first

  1. Any niece of mine (and daughter of Stephens) will surely have perfect ice cream cone eating form. I didn’t know you could exchange your kids meal toy for a cone, very cool (but then why would I know? when I ever purchased a kids meal at Chick fil A)

  2. Miriah on February 3, 2013 at 7:34 pm said:

    she was so cute! Loved it

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