Family Time

While sitting around the house today Stephen came up with a great idea. The man knows me, so when he mentioned going on a walk I was sold!
When we were talking about the idea Sarah got really excited and immediately headed for the front door.
Thankfully we have those [frustrating] white child-proof door things, so she had to wait for us first.

We got the baby loaded up in the stroller, packed on some warm clothes (because it was unusually cold today), and headed outside.

Here are some photos from our little adventure.








Living in the country has its perks. Sarah moo’ed at the cows and actually pet the horse that came up to us.
We had a great time. I’m so glad phones have decent cameras so we can easily capture moments like today when we don’t have our actual cameras on hand.

Now I’m laying on the couch with Elanor asleep on my chest, Stephen playing a video game with some friends in TX, and Sarah sleeping soundly just down the hall.

2013 sure is looking good!


2 Thoughts on “Family Time

  1. I love that you have horses down the road that Sarah gets to see and pet on walks… That’s awesome… We haven’t QUITE gotten to the point of taking Graycie on walks where she actually WALKS the whole way… She gets to easily distracted and wants to pull off in different directions the whole time…

    • Cassie on January 7, 2013 at 1:40 pm said:

      I would usually have Sarah in the stroller, but can’t until Elanor is big enough for her baby Bjorne carrier. That, and Stephen was there to wrangle her ;)

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