O Christmas Tree

The Friday after Thanksgiving we went with our friends Brandon and Nicole to get Christmas Trees. We met at their house and started the day with cinnamon rolls and coffee, then headed out to Lowes for our tree search. We already have an artificial tree, but this year I thought it would be fun to have a real tree, I love how it makes the house smell :)

Here we are at the tree lot… I think both pictures are a VERY accurate depiction of tree shopping with a toddler!

– the Ringl Tree of 2012 –

Sarah also had her first sampling of hazelnut coffee, compliments of her (crazy) dad…

I’m not sure what her face is saying, but she did ask for more. Crazy child. You can tell her dad thought it was hilarious. Probably because I was so shocked he let her have a sip.

We got the lights on the tree and now we just need to decorate it. It’s one step at a time these days, haha. A 9 month pregnant belly makes tree decorating a lot more interesting… and less productive, haha.

I will be sure to show you guys how it looks once it complete, but here’s a 1/2 way decorated photo for you.

I hope you are all enjoying your last few days of November. I can’t believe December is almost here!


3 Thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. It looks like it is coming along great. Also, I just visited facebook and a congrats are in order. I’m excited for your family!

  2. You have a lot of lights on there! We need that many lights on ours! I’m going day after christmas shopping for more string lights!

    And what are the odds, I totally just finished a cup of Hazelnut coffee (sitting in a hotel room)

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