Halloween of 2012

This is a wee bit belated, but I figured better late than never…


Stephen and Sarah were Mario & Luigi. His request, and I obliged him ;)

My shirt said: What? It’s a Beach Ball!  I told everyone it was an optical illusion.

We had a fun night at our church’s Trunk-or-Treat. Sarah played in a bounce house for the first time and LOVED it! Overall, it was a successful evening. Sarah’s costume was nice and simple. Only needing to get overalls and eyeliner made it easy for me, and easy was this prego’s only option at the time.

Hope you all had a great Halloween, almost 1 month ago… haha. Have a great evening!


2 Thoughts on “Halloween of 2012

  1. Better late than never on Halloween. Better early than late on our newest granddaughter being born today (due date was 12/11/12). Congrats to you and Stephen and Sarah. She is as beautiful as you and Sarah!

    • Thank you, dad! I am now even more glad I got this post up before today, haha. We are blessed parents, and she is one loved and special girl :)

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