A Few To-Do’s

Thought I would show you a few photos of some items I have on my to-get-done-ASAP list.

With the weeks quickly passing by I am no longer able to ignore my randomly placed piles of crafts and projects that I have lying “out of reach of a toddler” around the house. Our kitchen table has been hidden under a sewing machine, empty frames, and random fabrics for far too many weeks now. It’s time to get my crafting/project/decorating list dwindled down. Let’s view a few of these items, shall we…

Nursing Shawl Fabric:


Update: As of Tuesday we can mark this sucker off the list! I was inspired by this nursing shawl that cost a pretty hefty penny. I found the (what I think is) identical fabric at JoAnns marked down to $10, and used a lovely 25% off coupon WITH a gift card my sweet hubby got for me. So not only is this project now complete, but it was F-R-E-E!

Next up: Initial Wall Letters



I’m still deciding how to decorate these. My friend Ashely got us the “E” and covered it in diapers for a cute and very useful gift. I couldn’t resist going to get an S so each girl could have a letter on the wall. Now to just decide on how to cute-ify them…

( This next one is just an inspiration picture, not one from our home )

Chalkboard frame/Bin Storage


We have this same storage unit from Target. It is currently in the play room and I’m trying to decide if we should move it into the girls room or not. The chalkboard frame on the wall is also something I’ve been drawn towards, but not positive if I’m gonna follow through on. I guess this “To-Do” is making a decision on yes or no for both ideas…

Most recent addition to the list…

Elanor’s Baby Blanket:


This idea was inspired by my friend Sara. She made her daughter a blanket for the hopital and I LOVED how personalized it made all their first pictures together. This fabric is by designer Anna Maria Horner, and I just can’t get enough of her work, so I decided to bring some into our own home. Let me tell you, once you start looking up fabric online it can be addicting. I’m glad I was able to find exactly what I was looking for instead of settling for something I only somewhat liked from JoAnns. Hooray for etsy.com!

I really liked the idea of having something cool, wintery, and also warm and personal just for Elanor to have in the hospital. This go around I’d love to have pictures of our baby in the hospital with a sweet blanket, not the hospital white with red & blue lines blanket that they provide you with. It’s a warm cotton flannel, so it’ll be perfect for when we leave the hospital too. Now I just need to use my sewing machine and make it ready and put it in our hospital bag (which I should probably start packing as well…)

Homemade Onesies:


I have a pack of plain white onesies and some RIT dye that I’ve got to combine in a pot of hot salty water. This photo above is of a onesie I actually did finish. Let’s hope the fabric-dying goes as well as I’m hoping.

Well there ya have it. A list of some of the things I’d like to accomplish this weekend. Let’s hope Sarah cooperates and let’s me get my craft-on. Poor girl is cutting her last 2 bottom teeth and has been a little extra clingy. Thankfully it’s the weekend so Stephen is here so she can rotate between the two of us! I sure do love the weekends!

Happy, cool weathered, weekend.


7 Thoughts on “A Few To-Do’s

  1. Rebekah on November 10, 2012 at 6:00 pm said:

    Ooh, I love fabric by Anna Maria Horner, too! Do you know the name of the line this fabric is from? I currently have one from Field Study in my online shopping cart.

    Glad you’re getting stuff checked off! Hope your big girl cuts those teeth quickly. Adelaide has a molar and a canine, side by side, coming in together. Not much fun.

    • I sure do! It’s Loulou Flannel in ‘Clearing Winter’. Which Field Study fabric? I almost got Fine Feathered in Whisper from that line! :D
      Our poor girls…teething is horrible, frustrating, AND heartbreaking all at the same time!

  2. Wow. Look at you go. Every once in a while I get the urge to pick of sewing so that I can make cool things. Maybe one day…or not. lol

  3. I LOVE the fabric! I was just thinking this morning how close you are to meeting your sweet girl!! I can’t wait!

  4. You sound like me, the ever growing list of things to do. I have been working on peppermint costumes for Stormy’s play she is in, they have made themselves a nice comfy home on my counter tops for the last week. I thought about making a “To be done Before Thanksgiving” list but decided to toss it out the window since I didn’t think I would actually get any of it done! LOL! Hope you get your projects done!

  5. So did you wind up getting all the projects done?! Or is that a THIS weekend project?

    • I actually did! Everything got done that was top priority, and the rest will be a work in progress with the “playroom”. It feels good to mark stuff off a list :)

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