The Girls Room: Step 1

When looking over saved posts I found this little doozie that I thought I had posted months ago. I know it was months ago because my sister and I completed this project before she started back at work in August. Oh how time has flown!

Since we are having another girl we have decided to switch them into the bigger spare room and make Sarah’s bedroom into a play/craft room. We stuck with the tan walls and are adding some personal touches to spruce it up a bit. Before we move any furniture in we needed to decorate a bit and a wall accent was step 1. Here it is.



Ri and I had a few ideas we found online and free-handed it from there.


We drew it on with a pencil and then painted it in with some leftover primer I had on hand. After all, a free project is my favorite kind :)


That’s the view from the far wall. The tree is on the left and front when you come into the room.


I FINALLY bought some curtains this week, so hopefully we can move the bed in there and get Sarah used to the new space so she’s plenty comfortable before Elanor gets here.


Hope you like it. I’ll be sure to show you how it looks with the curtains up and the furniture in place. If we’re lucky I’ll get that done in the next few days… (cross your fingers!)



3 Thoughts on “The Girls Room: Step 1

  1. Rebekah on November 1, 2012 at 9:33 am said:

    I just adore that tree. How cool! So, are you sticking with the woodland theme? Keeping it neutral, color-wise? :) I’m living vicariously through you. That tree is melting my resolve NOT to paint, though!

  2. You gonna throw some leaves, squirrels, gargoyles, maybe a hooter or two in that tree?

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