Two Little Joys

Valerie and Kyle are officially parents! They welcomed their little boys into the world on Wednesday morning, August 1st, at 7:30 and 7:31.

Russell was first with Mark quickly behind him.
Valerie is doing well. They are all at the hospital as Val recovers from a c-section, and the boys are both working to strengthen their lungs in the NICU.

Here are the boys. They look big in this picture, but they’re both pretty tiny.



Here’s Valerie with Russell



He was 6lbs and 1 oz



Mark was 6lbs and 4oz


Grandpa Ringl with Mark



Grandma with Mark



Kyle with his 2nd born :)



Val getting to hold Russell


Val getting to hold Mark


both parents with Mark after he got off the CPAP machine


Stephen and I are so excited to have 2 precious little nephews. The boys just had to wait and come in August, which makes it so ALL of Stephens family have August birthdays.

Please add them to your prayer list as we all anxiously (and patiently) wait for the boys to get strong enough so they can breathe healthily on their own and are able to go home and be cuddled and loved by their family.

Also, happy birthday to Valerie! I know she already got the best presentS she could ever ask for, and I’m sure she will spend the day loving on her boys as much as the NICU nurses will allow.



3 Thoughts on “Two Little Joys

  1. I am so impressed with how big the boys were at delivery! That’s so wonderful! Praying their lungs get strong!

  2. Awesome!

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