Sunday Brain

I have a confession; sometimes I dislike Sunday morning. It sounds bad in my mind when I think it, and much worst when I wrote it out just now.
Sunday’s are weird for our family. Stephen usually gets up and plays with Sarah before he leaves for church. He goes early for band practice, so a friend picks him up which leaves Sarah and I at the house until we [hopefully] leave around 10:30.
Between 8 and 10:30 we play, and then she gets a nap, at which point I get ready for church. For some reason getting dressed on Sundays is difficult. I hate that I change clothes 875 times, usually ending up back in outfit 1 I tried. I know it sounds stupid and superficial, but it’s the truth.
I try to get showered, dressed, eat a snack, pack the diaper bag, and if I’m lucky apply some mascara, and on an especially good Sunday, blow dry my hair, all while Sarah takes her 9am nap. (if baby is napping I tend to skip the hair-care for a few extra quiet minutes).

Picking out clothes has always been a downfall of mine. I’m not really a fashion person. When Stephen first laid eyes on me I was wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt. That explains more than 1/2 my wardrobe. I’d rather not admit how many times Stephen gets home from work and finds both us girls still in our PJ’s.

Spending a few minutes online this morning I came across 2 outfits that caught my attention.



I would love to wear one of these outfits today if I had them in my closet. However, when getting dressed I would probably end up leaving the house in some dark jeans and a top with a cardigan.
Realizing this I have finally figured out my “style”.
I am a safe dresser. When push comes to shove, 90% of the time I leave the house in something comfortable, modest, and usually involving the color black, white, or navy. I like black, white, and especially navy :)

That being said, I gotta get a move on and go get ready. I’m thinking dark jeans, layering my white and blue tank top with my red cardigan (it’s always chilly inside church, am I right ladies?!)

Also, please note I’m not fishing for compliments or anything silly like that. I simply saw these cute outfits, was gonna make a post that ONLY said “aren’t these cute” and ended up writing all this silly banter. Welcome to a small piece of my brain ;)


Does anyone else have the Sunday outfit challenges?
My dad always told us to pick out Sunday’s clothes on Saturday, and so has Stephen since he married me and found out just how crazy I am. Maybe one day I’ll actually take them up on their advice…

2 Thoughts on “Sunday Brain

  1. Safe is a safe way to go…
    – Einstein

    (not really, I said it just now…) – Matt

  2. Nicole McKenzie on March 18, 2012 at 12:36 pm said:

    Hahaha, I bought it! (Matt’s comment)
    Don’t worry, I think most girls are like this! I couldn’t believe that I ended up wearing the first thing I put on this morning. I have also gone to Pinterest for some fashion inspiration. Even if I don’t have the same outfit I can usually make my own version.

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