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This past weekend we were able to celebrate another little birthday with some awesome friends. One of Sarah’s best buds, Rory, was born a week after she was so the girls share the same birthday month. They threw a fun party that the kids had a blast at. With all the running around and goofing off they wore each other all out and took some great afternoon naps (which is always a bonus in my book)!

We had a wonderful and fun time watching the kids celebrate Year 1 with balloons, cupcakes, presents, and even a piñata! I’m especially excited that Jill, Scott, and Rory are moving right down the street from my sister in law! Talk about play date central!

Our friend Ashley with Sarah


Jill & Rory going at the piñata


A Proud Mom



Sarah got her first battle wound Saturday
(before the party, not at the party)



Singing Happy Birthday



Birthday Girl with her Cupcake



Mmm, icing!



Sportin’ a Birthday Cap





Balloons were a BIG hit!



The Birthday Girl



Stephen lowering Sarah into the piñata stash



Some of the girls with their girls



a cute photo collage :)



It was a fantastic party watching all the kids run around and chase balloons while knocking each other over. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and that always makes me extra cheery.

I honestly cannot tell you how incredible and helpful it has been having a friend with a baby the same age as Sarah. Jill has been such an encouragement to me when I have questions or am having a rough day. We texted each other at all hours asking one another’s opinions and advice. She was probably my biggest encouragement when it came to nursing and not giving up during the hardest points. I can never thank her enough for that!

On another note, Sarah is still adjusting to the time change and has been sleeping in until 7-8’ish, which I’m 1000% okay with! Of course seeing that she is our alarm in the morning it maaaaaay mean we slept in Monday morning. Oops. Live and Learn.



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  1. Who’s been beating my niece? Don’t think I won’t beat them back… Is there a stair or a step that needs a good talking to, cause I’m your man/uncle to do it…

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