An Even 50

Saying Sarah is 50 weeks old just sounds weird to me. 11 months and 2 weeks sounds a bit more normal. I feel like saying such a high week number is like saying 36 months instead of 3 years old… it just seems strange. I guess I have a weird thing about numbers?! Who knows, my brain works in funny ways sometimes.

While this weeks photo op smiles were better than last weeks, it still took a lot of cooperation (and patience) on both our parts to get more than 1 usable shot.



After she found the barrette in her hair there was no way she was letting it make a reappearance, so for some reason I decided to change the fabric as well.



I love it when I capture her laughing


Only 2 more weeks until this project is done! An entire year of taking weekly pictures… I’m happy I will be able to see it to completion. I couldn’t even stay at 1 college for that long before switching to somewhere new  ;)   It’s a good thing too, otherwise I never would have met my other half!



2 Thoughts on “An Even 50

  1. Adorable pictures!!! My favorite is the one of her laughing!!! Can’t believe she is almost one!

  2. Momma Sandy on February 23, 2012 at 4:32 pm said:

    That’s my delightful little Granddaughter. Yep, she’s something to behold. : ) <3

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