Our Very Own 49’er

Okay people, we’ve got 49 weeks down and 3 to go until our little bean sprouts into a 1 year old! I can’t believe her birthday is so close. It seems like each day she gains more confidence about walking. She has 2 ‘walk along’ toys that she is going to town on. Her current solo voyage has been 9 steps, and that’s just the highest one we’ve seen and were able to count.

With her new[est] found independence of walking on those cute little legs, her desire to stay still for some weekly photos was at an all time low this week. Girl just wouldn’t stop turning over, which is why I have a few different pictures for you this round.

With it being the week of Valentines I thought this onesie was all too perfect for the occasion.

we loooove our 49 week’er


since that was the ONLY photo I got of her on her back, here’s another just for fun


this tops off the cuteness

for a different angle ;)

best part, I didn’t even know that was on there when I bought the outfit!


I guess I can’t blame the girl for not wanting to lie on her back during the middle of her playtime. She doesn’t even sleep on her back. She’s a tummy sleeper, like her mom. Only we often find her with her toosh in the air, which is even more adorable than it sounds. I don’t think Stephen’s even found me sleeping like that… and if he has he certainly hasn’t told me, which he definitely would!



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