Behind Cracked Doors

We have been forming a new habit in our home. After exiting a room you pull the door closed behind you. Unless baby Ringl is still in there of course. Use the restroom? Not only do you need to close the toilet lid, make sure the TP is on the counter (not on the holder), and then close the door behind you, but go ahead and make sure she didn’t sneak in while you were washing your hands and isn’t trying to climb into the tub to get to her toys… girl loves her bath toys!

On Sarah’s 11 month post I showed you just 1 picture of a fun set. Here are the rest of one of her [many] bathroom hooliganisms.


this was her face when I found her


this is her ‘look what I found, mom’ face


this is where the real smile starts because I laughed at her


theeen, right before I threw the camera down because she decided TP looks tasty


I suppose with our baby girl getting closer and closer to becoming a toddler this was bound to happen, I just didn’t know it would approach so quickly! While her looks have gradually changed into what I looked like as a wee one her personality is definitely pure Ringl! The kid loves mischief! I’m glad she’s already getting a good scoop of her dads sense of humor :) ¬†With how much they both make me laugh I’ll be burning calories off everyday for the rest of my life! Which I’m 1000 percent okay with!




7 Thoughts on “Behind Cracked Doors

  1. Cassie, repost your lipstick all over your face as a toddler when you got into your Mom’s makeup and tell me she is not pure Cassie Wells! Wells, obviously a great combo of Ringl and Wells, but she looks just like you when you were caught red-handed, I mean red-faced.

  2. Yes Cassie, please post your picture all red faced! I am one that definitely wants to see it!! :)

  3. Yes Cassie. Yes.

  4. Also, this must have been either immediately prior to chuch (convenient, she could destroy the TP and then repent), or immediately post church (still convenient, she’s cute enough God’ll forgive her for the TP) without asking

    • You’re saying that because I actually have my child dressed for once, aren’t you… and in a dress and not her jammies, for once ;)

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