What I’ve Learned: 11 Months


  1. You know that child you hear at the store that is laughing and talking really loud and high pitched? That would be my child. I try giving her something to distract her but she has found her voice and she loooooves to use it.
  2. Sarah learned to clap and we LOVE it!
  3. She has also learned how to turn on her piano all by herself.
  4. One day, while sitting on the couch with Stephen, Sarah slid off the couch and onto the floor. I don’t think she knew how/what she did, but she did it successfully and without falling or hurting herself & now she’s a pro at it.
  5. Our daughter is an escape artist. I feel like this may be the start of payback for Stephen’s mischievous childhood his mom has spoken of. If she continues to be more and more like her dad we are gonna have to wrap our girl in bubble wrap to keep her safe…
  6. Sarah bit me for the 1st (and so far only) time. Thankfully it happened real quick and I was so shocked I think my surprise masked the pain (thank heavens!)
  7. Stephen and I took our first overnight trip by ourselves. We were gone 2 nights and Sarah did great staying at her grandparents.
  8. During our 2 nights away Sarah finally took a bottle again! She hasn’t done that since she was 4 months old!
  9. With a mouth of 4 chompers (two middle bottom & two middle top), Sarah has started GRINDING her teeth together. The sound is killing me so I’ve been giving her a pacifier just so I don’t have to hear it…
  10. We gave Sarah egg yolks for the first time and she’s a fan. Our girl has a hearty and well rounded appetite! She’s also a fan of deviled eggs filling. The girl is just like her father.
  11. I’m waiting for Sarah to start running any day now.
  12. Speaking of running, while Sarah stands all the time she took her first solo steps this month. I can tell she is working on building up her confidence so she can learn to outrun me (which shouldn’t be too hard).
  13. While on a road trip Sarah started playing peek-a-boo where she was the hider. She holds the blanket over her head and when I ask ‘Sarah where are you?’ she then pulls it down and laughs like crazy. Yes, it’s even more adorable than it sounds!
  14. Our girl is all about giving some high-fives. It’s awesome.
  15. When entering and leaving a room Sarah turns the lights on and off.
  16. One of Sarah’s favorite activities is emptying drawers, baskets, bins, or anything that is organized. She will stand there and just pull/throw everything out and onto the floor until it’s empty. I fear for her future bedroom.
  17. One of our favorite things right now is when we put Sarah down to sleep and she will grab her minnie mouse doll and cuddle with it. It doesn’t get much cuter than that.
  18. Oh, and did I mention that Sarah is going to be a BIG sister? Psych!
  19. Seriously people? I’m still catching up on sleep from those first few months…
  20. Something that is true, I have started planning Sarah’s 1st birthday party… when did our baby grow up?!?



11 Thoughts on “What I’ve Learned: 11 Months

  1. Nicole McKenzie on February 6, 2012 at 11:15 am said:

    Oh my gosh, I totally freaked out for about 1/2 a sec there!!!! Hahaha!

  2. Valerie on February 6, 2012 at 4:10 pm said:

    SOOOOOOOO not nice! I about died when I read that!! Was thinking you were gonna be just a couple weeks behind me!!
    love you sissy <3

    • Cassie on February 6, 2012 at 7:28 pm said:

      Haha, sorry Val. I didn’t think anyone would take that seriously, but apparently I threw a few matches on some hopeful fires…

  3. Yeah… I, like everyone else here, am apparently gullible… What a cruel joke to play.

    Right now, I’m picturing Sarah walking/crawling around the house wrapped up in bubble wrap, throwing all the toys out of the toy bin, flipping lights on and off, and clapping after she does it all (while I high five her, or while Graycie high fives her!)

  4. hahahahahahahahaha. It is 6:44 am here (5:44 your time) and I almost got on the phone and called you up in utter excitement and surprise. Then you told me it was a joke. haha. not funny! :) LOVE the picture of Sarah in this. So cute. Can’t wait for our little ones to play together.

  5. So NOT NICE!! You know you shouldn’t fool Mother Nature (flashback of a commercial from the 70’s)… She might just fool you back! :)

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