New Pals

Hi friends. I have a ridiculous amount of Christmas pictures to sort through so I can share some with you. Lets hope I actually get them up before the New Year gets here.

Until then, here’s a goofy post for ya.

“Mom, there’s a hippo in the tub!”


“I don’t know about you…”


“Wait a sec… Water comes out of your mouth? That’s the coolest trick ever!”


“Alright, you’re cool. You can stay. Just keep the waterfall flowing.”


2 Thoughts on “New Pals

  1. Sweeet! Graycie has Mr. Frog, and she’s crazy about him…

  2. Momma Sandy on December 30, 2011 at 12:14 am said:

    Too too funny! Sarah’s expressions are awesome! LOL

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